Endless Coffee Cup

Hosted ByMatt Bailey

Endless Coffee Cup is a discussion of marketing news, culture, and media for our complex digital lifestyle. With a wide range of marketing topics, we bring insights beyond the headlines, and a challenge to “ask why.” Hosted by Matt Bailey, CEO & Founder of SiteLogic.

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AI Prompts for Humans

Leverage Detailed AI Prompts to Improve Human Productivity and Team Effectiveness

Overcome Your Fears of Speaking and Presentation

Overcoming Stage Fright: Lessons From A News Anchor About Dealing With Video Anxiety

Cultivating a Culture of Learning: Strategies for Engagement in Employer Training

Unlocking Potential and Improving Workplace Dynamics Through Employer Training

Backward Entrepreneur

Real Advice About Starting, Managing, and Growing Your Business

Yesterday’s Social Media News

News in the Social Media space has become a daily change. Greg and Matt try to make sense of the latest changes and happenings.

Unlocking Transformation: Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Growth

Strategies for Engaging and Motivating Through Effective Communication

Pressing Pause on Social Media

An Interview with Meg Casebolt, Author of “Social Slowdown”

The Cost of Growing Food: Sustainable Agriculture Marketing

Crops, Brands, and Foods in Agriculture Marketing