Marketing With Empathy

Hosted BySarah Panus

How do I focus my brand storytelling strategy to get people aligned and make work less overwhelming and confusing? How do I create a brand storytelling framework and prove the value of brand storytelling? What content should my brand talk about, and where should we look for insights? How can I be more creative, and confidently sell-in my ideas without feeling like an imposter? Is influencer marketing right for my brand? What are great brand storytelling examples? Are there brand blog best practices I’m missing? And—how do I more confidently listen to my inner-voice for a more joy-filled (a.k.a. saner) life? Welcome to the Marketing With Empathy podcast where we answer ALL of this and more!

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113. Summer Content Insights for Adults, College Students, Kids & Elderly

EP 113. Empathy insights to improve your Summer storytelling content. What do U.S. adults, parents, college students, young kids, and maturing elders look for during the Summer, and what stresses them out year-round? Listen to these insights to see if they spark any content ideas, or tweaks to help your Summer content better resonate with your target audience(s).

112. Boost Internal Support for Your Company’s Content – Joe Pulizzi

EP 112. What steps can you take to get more internal support and buy-in for your content? Content marketing legend, Joe Pulizzi, joins Sarah to discuss the huge advantages that come from deploying an internal education plan to drive better long-term results. What you can do to help get more internal support for the content marketing work you do/want to be doing.

111. 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Content Marketing Strategy

Sarah explains eight mistakes to avoid when creating your content marketing strategy. Avoid these to make your content plans that much better.

110. How StoryBrand Clarifies Marketing Messages

What is the StoryBrand marketing framework, and how can it help you clarify your marketing messages so you stop wasting millions of dollars and thousands of hours talking about the wrong things? Why does Sarah love this framework so much she decided to become a Certified StoryBrand Guide herself? Sarah answers all your Qs, so you can decide how to infuse StoryBrand to help make your content marketing clearer and more effective every single day.

109. Creating Superfans, Brittany Hodak

Turn your customers into lifelong advocates — SUPERFANS! Brittany Hodak tells you how, from her Creating Superfans book, including: the S.U.P.E.R. model, how to exceed expectations, and the important role every employee can play in brand storytelling. Plus, Brittany’s giving you the first four chapters for free!

108. How to Be More Influential (part 2) – Gordon Glenister

EP 108. How can you become more influential at work? International influencer marketing expert and author, Gordon Glenister joins Sarah with advice to help you in your career. Look at competitors for content insights to inform your own content strategy; your circle of friends; and tips to network and build your community with other influential people.

107. Influencer Marketing (part 1) – Gordon Glenister

EP 107. Advice for working with influencers from international expert and author, Gordon Glenister. Why we follow certain influencers over others. The benefits of influencers beyond social media. Gordon’s favorite influencer tools and platforms. An example of employee influencer marketing. What makes the most successful campaigns; and how to invest in influencer marketing during budget cuts.

106. Better Decisions + Discover Yourself w/ These Frameworks, Brian Ondrako

EP 106. 3 frameworks to help you discover yourself & make better career and life decisions. Brian Ondrako, is an expert on helping people make decisions and navigate to just get started. Your Toolbox of Knowledge; COMPASS Framework which includes auditing the people you surround yourself IRL and virtually; and the Feel Framework to map your short-term goals.

105. Time Management Hacks for Marketers

Time management is a skill you can improve. Success and stress don’t have to go hand in hand. Secret to crossing things off your to-do list, how to reduce distractions to make the most of your time, and setting boundaries at work. Useful time management strategies and hacks to implement for all content marketers from time management coach, Anna Dearmon Kornick.