Marketing With Empathy

Hosted BySarah Panus

How do I focus my brand storytelling strategy to get people aligned and make work less overwhelming and confusing? How do I create a brand storytelling framework and prove the value of brand storytelling? What content should my brand talk about, and where should we look for insights? How can I be more creative, and confidently sell-in my ideas without feeling like an imposter? Is influencer marketing right for my brand? What are great brand storytelling examples? Are there brand blog best practices I’m missing? And—how do I more confidently listen to my inner-voice for a more joy-filled (a.k.a. saner) life? Welcome to the Marketing With Empathy podcast where we answer ALL of this and more!

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127.  Social: 5 Steps to Attract More Leads & Get Unstuck in 1 Hour a Week – Karlyn Ankrom

EP 127. Social media marketing is powerful, but frustrating to always...

126. Hallow App’s #Pray40 Content Brilliance

EP 126. It’s really hard to create a movement. But, the...

125. Write a One-Liner for More Impact

Quickly explain what you do in a way that attracts more customers. Do you or others in your company fumble through explaining what you offer? Most brands start talking all about themselves first, which is wrong. Host, Sarah Panus explains what a one-liner is; why it’s useful; who it’s good for; and how to craft and perfect yours to generate curiosity and get potential customers to say “tell me more”.

124. Be a Better Networker – Author, Kurt Schmidt

Networking can feel awkward and hard. Guest and author, Kurt Schmidt, shares advice from his book, The Little Book of Networking, to help you grow your career one conversation at a time.

123. MWE’s Plan to Improve Your Content & Drive Results

EP 123. Marketing and business leaders lack the time, skills and...

122. Uncover Your Hidden Sabotage: How to Shift Your Mindset for Success

122. You’re driven, but are you unknowingly self-sabotaging yourself? Break through mental barriers to achieve success. When it comes to work or personal goals, do you want it or really WANT it? How to shift your mindset for success. Sarah shares the tough observation from her husband that resulted in her own success epiphany, and realization that she’s been making excuses the last 13 year when it comes to her wellness journey. Listen to see if you’re doing the same thing in your life.

121. Use Freebies to Get Leads

EP 121. What do you offer your customers who aren’t YET ready to buy from you? Do you have a strong transitional call to action? A strong freebie of incredible value that you can use to capture leads and then nurture them over time so you stay top of mind with them when they’re ready to buy. Why you need this, and examples of freebies to help you generate leads.

120. How Senior Marketers Can Soar by Balancing Art and Science – Nancie McDonnell Ruder

EP 120. Looking to move up the marketing ladder within your company? Guest, Nancie McDonnell Ruder, author of the book “How Senior Marketers Scale the Heights” & owner of Noetic Consultants discusses the blend of art and science in marketing, and how embracing both can lead to new heights of success. She introduces the Noetic Art and Science assessment, a tool she created to help marketers navigate this blend and address gaps in their professional growth and career development. + insights on the role of empathy in marketing; the challenges organizations face in branding and people management; and the importance of curiosity and overcoming fear in embracing learning.

119. Making Content Accessible for Disabilities -Aaron Page, Allyant

42.5 million Americans have some form of disability and most marketers aren’t optimizing their content to ensure its accessible. Tune in to get a lesson on how to make your digital written, video, audio, and photo content more accessible from expert, Aaron Page. Aaron’s also blind and gives us the inside scoop on the top mistakes company make when he’s trying to access their content – including a listen to what his screen reader sounds like when reading a webpage.