Marketing With Empathy

Hosted BySarah Panus

How do I focus my brand storytelling strategy to get people aligned and make work less overwhelming and confusing? How do I create a brand storytelling framework and prove the value of brand storytelling? What content should my brand talk about, and where should we look for insights? How can I be more creative, and confidently sell-in my ideas without feeling like an imposter? Is influencer marketing right for my brand? What are great brand storytelling examples? Are there brand blog best practices I’m missing? And—how do I more confidently listen to my inner-voice for a more joy-filled (a.k.a. saner) life? Welcome to the Marketing With Empathy podcast where we answer ALL of this and more!

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100. Top 6 Brand Storytelling Examples from Last 2 Years

EP 100. How six different brands use storytelling. Sarah’s favorite conversations with brands that demonstrate the power of leaning into brand storytelling, having faith in the process, and truly marketing with empathy. Shutterfly, TD Bank, Sleep Number, Deluxe, 3M, and Red Wing Shoe Co.

99. Create Better Corporate Videos – Tony Gnau

99. Emmy winner, author & video expert, Tony Gnau of T60Productions shares how to you create more engaging corporate videos? Three core videos every company needs; tips to develop a video strategy to get alignment from others; and make better testimonial videos.

98. Smash Organizational Silos w/Content Calendar – Annum

How do you smash organizational silos to improve your storytelling marketing results? By creating an integrated content calendar. CEO of Annum, Patty Radford Henderson is on a mission to solve this top issue identified by CMOs.

97. Do This to Gather Deeper Consumer Insights – April Seifert, Sprocket

EP 97. Blend psychology and research with marketing to get deeper insights on your consumers, and empower your brand storytelling marketing efforts. Take the guesswork out of what to create. Guest expert, and Sprocket founder and President, April Seifert Ph.D helps companies understand their consumers even better, and then translate research findings into tangible action steps.

96. Video Storytelling from National TV Anchor Turned Brand Storyteller

How can you merge journalism and marketing to create better, more authentic, videos people don’t want to skip? Heidi Collins, former national TV news anchor, turned corporate video storyteller describes that sweet spot between journalism and marketing = JournoMarketing™. Tips to make compelling video stories that still feel natural and genuine; which brands are doing it well; and how best to structure a team with a focus on JournoMarketing™.

95. Quizzes to Attract & Engage Customers – Helen Munshi

Online business growth strategist and trained quiz funnel expert, Helen Munshi, explains how to create quiz funnels to help attract new leads, engage existing customers, and gain incredible data insights to inform your brand storytelling content.

94. Behavior Economics: Predict Shopping Trends, Product Packaging – Siena Dexter, SmashBrand

Using behavior economics to predict trends in consumer shopping behaviors; and, how storytelling plays a role in product packaging to help ensure our products are a best seller off the shelf now and in the future.

93. Mental Health & Body Odor- Harrys & Lume – Michael Moore

EP 93. Behind-the-scenes of how two companies connect with their audiences. Harry’s men’s razor and body care products are tackling men’s mental health. And, Lume, an all-over body deodorant, is successfully talking about a sensitive topic with women via iPhone content from its doctor founder.

92. Year 2 Podcast & Business Insight Recap

Learn from Sarah’s 2nd year recap of running this podcast and her brand storytelling consulting business; likes, dislikes, and key things she sees all brands need help with to advance brand storytelling inside their companies.