Take a Breath

Hosted ByJoe Singer & Thom Stallings

Take a Breath is a podcast for people trying to build something valuable as well as improve themselves along the way. Some people are building businesses, some are building families and others are just trying to build their best life. Hosts Thom Stallings and Joe Singer have been business partners for over 20 years and have built two Software as a Service businesses from scratch. They also are very involved in their home lives as they both have a wife and two children. They analyze and dissect their successes and failures, both large and small, while sprinkling in valuable life hacks.

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Balancing Act: Navigating Professional and Personal Identity

In this episode, Thom and Joe delve into the intriguing question:...

Episode for Mar 20, 2024 AI, YouTube, Inflation and some other topics

Welcome back to another insightful episode of “Take a Breath,” where...

Scheduling calls vs. Calling out of the blue, Zoom vs In Person Meetings

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Take a Breath with special guest Zach Reisler

Zach Reisler is not your typical 18 year old . He...

Take a Breath with Joe and Thom – Messages for a New Year

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Take a Breath with Joe and Thom

Why do Startups fail

Are there too many Philosophers?

Maybe we are all projecting and really trying to help ourselves?



Livvy Wong – Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign

Livvy Wong – Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign