No Brainer – An AI Podcast for Marketers

Hosted ByGeoff Livingston & Greg Verdino

AI is changing everything, including how marketing and sales leaders are approaching their businesses. In this bi-weekly podcast, Greg Verdino and Geoff Livingston share the big news, trends, and lessons learned from AI evolutions as they impact business sales and marketing. From ChatGPT to marketing intelligence analytics and everything in between, get the latest information you need to succeed.

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NB4 – AI Ethics: Humans Strike Back

Today’s episode is packed with power as Geoff Livingston and Greg Verdino dive deep into AI ethics. With ChatGPT churning out fake news and Midjourney attempting to pump the brakes on deepfakes, it’s no wonder companies and countries are looking to r…

NB3 – Adobe Enters the Fray, ChatGPT Plugins Change the Game

00:00 Intro
00:28 Welcome to the pod
01:03 Adobe unveils generative AI
09:51 Incumbents vs startups: Who will win?
15:58 Marketers, get serious about strategy
27:08 ChatGPT Plugins: an App Store moment
31:35 What Plugins mean for media and marketers

NB2 – GPT-4 is Here, Salesforce and Hubspot Put AI Inside

In this episode of No Brainer, Greg and Geoff discuss OpenAI’s announcement of GPT-4. Geoff shares his take on moves by Salesforce and HubSpot to bake GPT into their popular CRMs, then the two discuss whether this will be a boon for salespeople or a …

NB 1: Fiat and Kia Launch ChatGPT Use Cases, AI Shake Up Coming to the PR Sector

In the premier episode of No Brainer, Greg and Geoff discuss Fiat and Kia adopting ChatGPT for showroom and user support, respectively. They discuss what they like about each use case and touch on AI ethics.
Then they dive into a new tool – PRproph…