Social Pulse: Retail Edition

Hosted ByMike Allton

Social Pulse Podcast: Retail Edition is your go-to guide to solving your biggest retail social media marketing challenges - authentically.

Join award-winning marketer Mike Allton as he peels back the curtain with retail social media and community managers just like you, unveils the issues they've been struggling with the most, and explores how they've overcome those challenges. Each episode is an honest and frank look at what marketers go through - from awful algorithms to terrific trends - and ideas that you can apply to your own business.

Whether you're leading the department or boots on the ground, Social Pulse Podcast: Retail Edition will help you expand your knowledge, address your challenges, and apply successful social media marketing strategies in the years to come.

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Produced and Hosted by Mike Allton

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Generative AI And Its Impact On Your Role In Retail Marketing

Episode 13 with Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO of Lately, Dustin W. Stout, founder of Magai, Anne Cheng, CEO of Supercharged Lab

Heart Over Hype: The Shift to Connection-Based Social Media Marketing

Episode 12 with Caroline Shaheed, Strategy Director/Senior Strategist at Currently Freelance, Formerly Indigo Books and Music Inc.

Product Feed Management To Help Retailers Success On Social Media

Episode 11 with Jenna Galardi, Director of Omnichannel Growth at Feedonomics

Building & Connecting With Your Retail Audience on Social Media

Episode 10 with Dana Malstaff, Founder of Boss Mom & Creator of the Nurture to Convert Method at Boss Mom

Pinterest for Retail – Social Media Marketing Tactics That Work!

Episode 09 with Alexx Wells, Creative Consultant and Growth Manager at Guiding Creatives

How To Identify & Target Retail Audiences on Social Media

Episode 08 with Chiara Gianelli, Business owner (content creator, food photographer & stylist, and social media marketer) at A Matter of Nourishment

TikTok Marketing & Trends Expert

Episode 07 with Wave Wyld, TikTok Marketing & Trends Expert at Wave Wyld

The Future of Facebook Marketing for Retail

Episode 06 with Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing / CEO at Mari Smith International, Inc

Feeding The Beast: Creating & Managing Hundreds of Pieces of Content

Episode 05 with Julia Wolf, Social Media Content Developer at Five Below