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Hosted ByKeith Smith

Interviews with leaders of companies from all areas of business on how they generate sales. What tactics do they use for their particular industry and how can you learn new tricks for your industry – all delivered with a jaunty perspective for your listening enjoyment!

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Keith Smith: Copyrights and wrongs

Exposing the milk mafia – Podlet

Liam Keogh – Palm PR: The Land of Mylk and B+tter

How to build a PR agency for the future Liam Keogh...

Keith Smith: The Big Green Idea

Great creative is good for the planet

Mike Everett? Who’s he?

The creator of some of Britain’s best adverts discused his book ‘Methods of the Madmen’

Sir John Hegarty: What’s the Big Idea?

How good creative can slow global warming

The Black Farmer: It’s all about the Sizzle

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE on racism, determination, failure and success

Keith Smith: Future Shock

How companies can deal with the disease of Future Shock

John Caswell: New Agency Model

Working with tomorrow’s winners

Keith Smith: Should I stay or should I go?

When is the right time to start your own agency?